Minky Designs Quality


Minky Design blankets are the essence of Luxury and Elegance. We understand our customers and take great care in creating the highest quality products they demand. We simply use the best fabrics designed to achieve the highest degree of softness.

Minky Design has you, our discerning customers in mind while specifying the highest quality fabrics available. Our blankets are designed for the greatest degree of softness that is truly addicting.

Minky Design specifies only the highest quality fabrics that our decerning customers are accustomed to. Nothing compares to the softness and style of Minky Blankets.



We Commit to Style and Beauty

What happens when you combine a stylish Minky Design blanket with any room in your home? You  get an accessory that doubles as a necessity for warmth and comfort as well as luxurious décor. No room is complete without the addition of a Minky Design blanket offered in many styles, colors, and designs to fit any room. 




We Commit to Quality  

We have all heard the saying, “you get what you pay for.” Minky Designs are crafted from the highest quality minky fabric available today. Our fabrics are not only durable, but are soft and luxurious as well. Don’t settle for traditional blankets made from lesser “cheap” material that simply doesn't compare. We invite you to experience our blankets in order to see the value they truly are. They are easier to care for than silk and are crafted to stand the test of time so your family can enjoy them for years to come.

It takes great skill and ability to produce the quality we require. The unique plush fabrics we specify can be difficult to work with. Much attention to detail is required during the manufacturing process from beginning to end.